Looking for a great way to add some fun and educational activities to your Fall, Spring, Winter, or Summer break camps?

Need an in-house field trip for your school or class?

After-school program needs a little boost?

Achieve Success Academy is able to provide a one-stop-shop of activities for you to choose from to enhance your programs. Our Academy is a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs, and new activities, to both provide enjoyment and inspire youth to explore new and exciting things.  The goal is to expose students to careers, technology, and academics and to have them gain hands-on experience and enough introductory knowledge and skills to have a working resume and to begin working in that career field immediately—yes, even at the age of 10!  

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

Students will have lots of fun while learning through the use of S.T.E.A.M.

Our workshops incorporate hands-on, engaging activities that promote a positive view of and higher achievement in Science and Math subjects, and improve student comprehension of science and math concepts.  While having fun, students will be challenged to solve a situation using a multi-disciplinary approach that also relies on the use of essential reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.


Every kid loves to play with LEGO! That’s why Achieve Success Tutoring wants to partner with your center to deliver a superb experience that focuses on having fun while learning key developmental skills. During our Lego workshop, students will be completely involved with LEGO as they learn how to build Ships, Cars, and Mazes, create flags and other works of art from LEGO and more . At the end of the workshop, students will earn a Builder’s Certificate.  




Entrepreneurship workshops will show students the basics of starting their own  business and writing a mini business plan.   Students will gain the real-world experience of creating their own business.  The financial literacy portion of the course will help students to create a budget and to understand saving and investing.   The course will also teach students the art of hiring and interviewing skills.  Entrepreneurship will end with a culminating presentation and business pitch in the Shark Tank.


Math and Money In Action

Explore and learn Math through games.  Understand more about spending, saving, budgeting, and more through games and hands-on activities.  This is a great way to review math skills.


Career Exploration

Career Readiness Training helps students define their purpose, vision, and career path.  Students will learn real hands-on job/career training.  The ultimate take-away is a Vision Board to remind students of their future goals and the road map to get there!

Sample Careers to explore include:

  • Photography/Videography
  • Radio Production
  • Computer Technology
  • Fashion Design
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Police Officer
  • Fireman
  • Engineer
  • Chef
  • Banker
  • Restaurant Manager


All About Games

Kids will invent games and/or game shows then hold a carnival where everyone gets to play each other’s games.  Board games, video games, and other games galore are ideas of what kids will create.  It’s all about games and all about fun!


Inventor’s Workshop

Curiosity, experimentation, and imaginations will run wild as kids tinker and play to come up with inventive solutions to solve builder challenges.





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