Q: How do we get started?

A: The first step is to schedule an Initial Consultation with us and take a diagnostics test.  After this, we set up a tutoring schedule, create a personal learning plan, and begin tutoring.

Q: How soon can we get started tutoring?

A:  We can begin as soon as possible.  Once the consultation, diagnostics, and learning plan are complete, tutoring can begin.  It usually takes 3-7 days to begin tutoring.

Q: What kinds of tutoring programs does Achieve Success Tutoring offer?

A: Our personal tutoring programs include homework help, study skills, college prep, test prep, tutoring for kindergarten through college level students,  and so much more.  We are able to personalize programs to cater to each student’s needs.  Check out more details on our programs Click Here

Q: What are the qualifications of your tutors?

A: Each tutor is hand-picked by the owner herself.  Our tutors are truly experts in their field.  It is required that our tutors have a Bachelor’s degree or are working towards one.  We look for dedicated, trustworthy, and compassionate people who have shown a commitment to helping students excel.  An extensive criminal background ensures that our students’ safety is protected. Find out more about our Tutors Click Here 

Q: Is tutoring with Achieve Success tutors truly one-on-one?

A: Absolutely! Every student receives personal attention to make sure that their tutor is able to build a relationship with them and learn what makes the most sense for their academic needs.  Our tutors also partner with the student’s teachers to ensure that the individualized level of learning is met.

Q: Is in-home or online tutoring best for my child?

A: In-home tutoring is a great way to help students soar academically. Most children are what we like to call “technology babies.”  They are completely capable of operating in the world of technology and can adapt to learning online.  Our online tutoring platform allows us to keep tutoring “face-to-face” and personal.  If your child can operate a computer and type using the basic keys, they can be successful in our online classroom.  We offer a free preview into the classroom to try it out before making a decision on what’s best. Take a tour of our online classroom to compare Click Here

Q: What makes Achieve Success Tutoring work?

A: Our tutors focus on building a relationship with each student and family.  We focus on guiding and encouraging students to push beyond the bare minimum.  We teach our students to be confident Overachievers.  The success comes from helping students get ahead of the teacher and the standards.  Once they see the success from being ahead, their confidence helps them to continue to be successful.

Q: How much does tutoring cost?

A: Most of our tutoring programs are affordable and the rates vary based on the amount of tutoring needed.  To find out more about those rates, give us a call and schedule an initial consultation so that we can find the best package that meets your needs.

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